Collection of short stories under the title "MOSAIC" consists of eight short stories, which are composed as various themes with the common light motive of interconnecting of different cultures, especially European and Oriental. Some of those relations between cultures are mutually enriching and some of them lead to a deep conflict of different philosophies of life and psychological make-up. The collection of short stories is structured namely to point out that two streams of mutual understanding or conflict of different cultures. Three stories are dedicated to the discovering the deep and profound meaning of the life going straight to the core questions of philosophy of life in which the main character is a boy who is trying to find answers to the most important issues of life. But that is not story for children or young adults, but in the main character of the boy the universal questions of man across all boundaries of cultural differences are meeting in the place of exactly the same core questions about life, inner strength, inner voice and universal wisdom.
The stories are as well centered around the paradox - stories begin in a realistic way of fabula and suddenly turn into paradox, which is unexpected and surprise the reader. It is the way of showing how the reality, we are living in, is full of unexpected turnovers or paradoxes. Some of those stories are true and based on a true experience and life stories of the main characters and some of them are invented. I have also made an attempt to explore the way of female and male nature "functions" - the way of behavior, thinking, judging about various aspects of life and making decisions about the most important events in life. The most unusual events are the scene where our power of judgment is tested, so stories are concentrated on those situations in life as well as the paradoxical aspect of it.